Baby Gender Predictor

If you were wondering about selecting/choosing/predicting gender of your future baby, read the following. Some parents would like to have baby girl or baby boy for different reasons. I’ll try to give you information about how possible is this with simple techniques that you can easily perform at home, that are easy, safe and natural, without any risk. What if there will be a method called baby gender predictor”?

First of all, if a woman's PH level is predisposed to be highly acidic, she is more likely to have a girl. This is due to high acid levels killing off high numbers of male (Y chromosome sperm) sperm, but leaving female (X chromosome sperm) sperm unaffected. On the other hand if a woman's PH level is predisposed to be highly alkaline, she is far more likely to have a boy. This is in large part due to the fact that high alkaline levels are harmful to female sperm, but harmless to male sperm. Also, ovulation timing is a critical factor as well. The good news's easy to know when you are ovulating. You can learn it from Ashley Spencer’s baby's gender selection method.

But of course PH level is not the only factor affecting the gender of your baby. There are lots of factors that are affecting and another one is what you eat - your diet. As an example whether you eat snacks and party foods OR dairy products & orange juice may result in having a baby girl or baby boy.

Next, do you and your partner have simultaneous orgasm or may be woman doesn’t have an orgasm? These and other details about your sex would also affect the gender of your baby.

In Ashley Spencer's baby gender prediction method it is also shown how any woman can dramatically increase her fertility with ease. By the way, if PH level affects gender of your baby so much, what can be done to change your PH level – with baby gender predictor it’s easy! If you don’t have an orgasm as a female it can be also solved also easily.

Which factors do NOT affect your baby’s gender?

These are your or your partner’s age, regularity/non-regularity of your cycle, current number of children and their gender, medications currently being taken, nationality and race!


If you don't find this method not useful, you will have 100% "no questions asked" refund.

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